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MajikMunchi coin

Written by: Natoshi Sakamoto


First off I would like to say hello to you all that have taken the time to read this. Next, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Natoshi Sakamoto. I am from nowhere important and live next door to you all. I am your father, I am your mother, I am your brother and sister alike. I am no different than you are. I care and feel and enjoy that in which many of us all over the world enjoy. Today I bring you MajikMunchi coin.


Before I elaborate the conception of this project came from many years of endless work outside of the cryptocurrency atmosphere. I and a few longtime business partners who just happened to be fortunate take the time to give back to people who needed just a bit of help, no matter what the cause! The world we all live in is no different from one end of the globe to the next, it has people everywhere that love and cherish something and someone. Unfortunately, we have been utilized by those that hold 99% of the wealth of the world pretty much delegating vast many outcomes for every single society on the face of this earth. Many people live their lives as a drone and this comes from a social conditioning which takes place throughout our entire lives primarily getting handed down from one generation to the next. One of the most prized possessions we all own are our thoughts and our ambitions. For us to be individuals many of those thoughts are 1 in the same. Thoughts about life, happiness, health, wealth and the future. Unfortunately, there are the few who refuse to loosen the grip on society and allow us to flourish in all of our thoughts of greatness we possess regardless of how beneficial it actually will be to the greater good of all of mankind alike and not alike, those that agree and don't agree. A collective of people or what is also referred to as a "society" have to leverage. That leverage is rarely collectively utilized. We live in a system where the collective abilities are governed to implement tasks of the powers to be which by their governing right of delegation entraps us into decisions we lose complete control over in time. If we the people took a stance collectively all objectives would be of the decision-making ability that we bear as a community truthfully. The merit of all societies is gauged based on how the old, the weak, and the frail are cared for, are we not all of those to a degree at some point in life.


In our, every evolving Crypto space development continues to grow, progressively many institutional bodies lurk in the shadows depriving the advancements that the world will collectively benefit from. MajikMunchi wants to give everyone in the world a voice. Yes, 1 giant collective voice to be heard in the TRON community from all over the world, transparent and fully governed by the people, fully governed by community votes. There will be no offices held. I Natoshi Sakamoto, am merely a vessel and your humble servant. It is you the people who are in control of MajikMunchi. Through your voting power, you render all of the control. As a token holder, it will give you a voice which will be represented by 1 vote. You will be part of the many which will collectively be able to conclude exactly which project in the TRON community is worthy of your future crowd support allowing us all to collectively weed out the good from the bad characters in the space. The support shall come in the form of donations from the reserve of MajikMunchi coins. Throughout the year you will be able to express why you believe in a particular project and it will go on the ballot along with several other projects that will be considered primarily based on merit. All active coin holders will partake in a vote through public and verifiable means. By a fair and democratic vote, this will harness the collective strength we possess together to help further support development of the TRON community and the coins that also are merely steps away from prevailing which will benefit us all. Instead of the few, the many get a chance at the future of prosperity, if not mistaken this is what we all desire. Justice, equality, and opportunity.


The desired goal of MajikMunchi is not to have the spotlight but to be the collective voice of the many who would like to support prominent projects in the TRON community with assistance. That assistance will be the driving force to help propel worthy projects forward and further create functional products. The vast majority of useful projects always fall just a bit shy of the intended goal due to funding. In no way shall any of the reserve funds be utilized for anything except for what it is intended for, which is contributing to worthy projects that we collective vote in as a community. All votes for the time being on future decision pertaining to the future of MajikMunchi will be conducted through our Telegram service: .


Be a part of history and help mold the future into the fullest potential that our hearts, dream, and ambitions see it as. Quarterly there will be a public posted vote as said that will take place in the Telegram service, by ensuring that you are a member of the channel you will have the benefit of staying up to date on relevant changes that are taking place as we grow together. Together we can make a difference in making a better future for everyone involved in the TRON atmosphere which will without a doubt be some of the leading advancements in the technological world we live in. May life continue to bless you with the ability to remember yesterday and to be able to a shepherd of the flock at all times while we change the world together.



Your humble servant and Shepard,

Natoshi Sakamoto

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   The roadmap for MajikMunchi can only be determined by the people. There is no one in charge. The only one in charge is "YOU". 1 voice is nothing but millions of voices together with a common goal can mold whatever future they collectively decide to. 

     Between stimulus and response, there is a void that exists. In that void is your power to choose your response. In your response lies your growth your freedom and your unification. My definition of a unified and free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular where no one person is better than me as well as, I no better than them. Freedom cannot be bestowed, it must be collectively achieved. The great revolutions in the history of all mankind, past, present, and future, is the drive, ambition, and revolution of those determined to be free on their own terms not delegated terms. Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. I have no right delegating how the many envision the future, it is and only can be achieved through a consensus that all like-minded objectives be met, where 1 voice alone means nothing but all of our voices together drive us into the future that we the people decide to create. As we tell our children you can achieve whatever it is you want to achieve but it will take some work and patience but eventually, you will have the success that your hearts and minds aspire to.

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